2018/8/22/Wed〈 PRESS NEWS 〉
Yohji Yamamoto Inc. will launch a global e-commerce website THE SHOP YOHJI YAMAMOTO on August 22, 2018. It will be displayed in English, and the transactions will be in US dollars. The webstore will present the web-only brand S’YTE, and other brands such as Ground Y, Y’s, Yohji Yamamoto Produce (web-only products), Yohji Yamamoto + NOIR (web-only products), discord Yohji Yamamoto, and LIMI feu, etc. S’YTE and Ground Y will mark their global debut on this day, as these two brands have only been available in Japan so far. The visitors will be able to shop with VISA, MASTERCARD or PayPal. The delivery will be available in total of about 130 countries across the world using EMS. THE SHOP YOHJI YAMAMOTO incorporates many features and functions that enhance customers’ online-shopping experience. Models are used for the pictures of the goods sold on the webstore to help customers better understand the products. In addition, there is an individual page for each brand and a lookbook feature to demonstrate to the customers each brand’s concept. After the launch, the company plans to release an app in the early September. The company also plans to launch the Chinese language webstore later.

Y's 2018-19 Autumn/Winter Collection

2018/8/8/Wed〈 INFORMATION DESK 〉
Y's×NEWERA® Collaboration Model with Scarlet logo [Y’s x New Era® 9THIRTY™] [Y’s x New Era® Waist Bag] [Y’s x New Era® The Trapper] Available in store - Y's

Autumn Winter 2018-19 Collection

2018/7/11/Wed〈 INFORMATION DESK 〉
Y's Autumn Winter 2018-19 Collection - MAKE CLOTHING Clothing created through “garment-making” as it should be. The power that lies in “clothing” made by “people”. Showing respect for the handwork that underpins manufacturing, making these “clothes” that “people” wear. Garment-making requires the efforts of many people. The vigor, power, and energy involved in time-consuming handwork. Clothing manifesting these qualities exude a sense of value, and so garment-making means creating clothing for people to wear that is imbued with a noticeable sensitivity and this sense of value. Body-hugging pattern making, such as in tailored or haute-couture designs, expresses these sensibilities even more conspicuously. As if tracing the path of handiwork, stitching follows basting positions, yarn woven into the cloth. Powerful silhouettes conveying purpose. Red and khaki exude a sense of strength, decolorized hues radiating the warmth of long-worn clothing. Fabrics featuring needle punching and jacquard weaving, techniques requiring time and effort. Treasuring handwork and, even more, the garment-making process became elements of design for this collection. LOOK


2018/6/14/Thu〈 INFORMATION DESK 〉
Y's PRE-FALL 2018 COLLECTION Now available in store Y's PRE-FALL 2018 Modernity and Craft Pre-Fall 2018 Collection features craftwork based on modern and minimal pieces. A practical Japanese embroidery “Sashiko” and repetitive patterns of hemp leaves. Handcraft provides warm texture to clothes while anonymity and utility of the repetitive patterns present cool modernity. The traditional needlework “Sashiko” which makes fabric strong and retains heat by layering cotton has been applied to functional modern fabric. Strong and tough materials achieved by combination of craft and modernity.Dynamism of “folk art”, a technique came out of everyday life, such as sewing and dyeing. The Collection is internally modern but practical. It has a warm expression with a combination of toughness and patterns which fits body gently. Y’s PINK PRE-FALL 2018 Composing contemporary shapes with traditional fabric with gorgeous patterns. Glorious artistic textile established by an ancient fabric metamorphoses into hybrid and modern. LOOK

KAYO NAKAMURA by Y’s × Anne-Valérie Dupond Capsule Collection

2018/5/24/Thu〈 INFORMATION DESK 〉
KAYO NAKAMURA by Y’s × Anne-Valérie Dupond Capsule Collection Pre-release at Y's Isetan Shinjujku, available from May 25. All pieces will be available at Y's OMOTESANDO from June 2. Y's Isetan Shinjujku - May 25-31 4F, 3-14-1, Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku Tokyo Y's OMOTESANDO - will start on June 2 1F/B1F Omotesando Hills, 4-12-10 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo *All sculptures - unique piece. The shoes and bags are limited numbers for this collection.


2018/5/21/Mon〈 INFORMATION DESK 〉
Y’s Pre-Fall 2018 Collection Water Proof Coat Exclusive pre-release at Y's OMOTESANDO Available from May 24 at Y's OMOTESANDO 1F/B1F Omotesando Hills 4-12-10 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo +81(0)3-6455-4302​ The new pre-fall 2018 collection including those coats will be available at other Y's stores from June 15.

Y's OMOTESANDO Limited Item - Sumie Series

2018/5/9/Wed〈 INFORMATION DESK 〉
Y's OMOTESANDO Limited Item - Sumie Series New stock will be coming on Saturday, May 12. Yohji Yamamoto Sumie Series - Cut and Sewn(T-shirts) Mens/Womens ¥11,880 (Tax included) The special items exclusive to Y’s OMOTESANDO Available in limited quantities; the cut-and-sewn featuring sumie/ink drawings of the “Y’s” logo and female figures created exclusively for the Y’s OMOTESANDO by designer Yohji Yamamoto.


2018/4/9/Mon〈 INFORMATION DESK 〉
We are pleased to announce that the new “Y’s” store is opening in Omotesando district in Tokyo on Thursday, April 19, 2018. As a flagship store, “Y’s OMOTESANDO” has been configured as a space for disseminating “Y’s” brands and information under the store concept of “SHOWCASE”. From the brightly lit, open entrance, created in the image of a light box, to every corner of the B1 floor below, the store design presents the current “Y’s” brands as if in a showcase with the mainline “Y’s” brands taking center place—the first store in the world to provide the entire lineup of current “Y’s” brands. Featuring items exclusive to the flagship store and special events, “Y’s OMOTESANDO” is waiting to welcome everyone with specially created offers only available at the Omotesando store. Y’s OMOTESANDO Grand Opening - April 19th, 2018 Omotesando Hills West Wings 1F/B1F 4-12-10 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo (*Store entrance is on 1F, on street level facing Omotesando Avenue) Open Hour 11:00〜21:00 *Sunday 〜20:00 TEL +81(0)3-6455-4302 “Y’s OMOTESANDO” presents the full lineup of Y’s brands: “Y’S”, “Y’s PINK”, “RISMAT by Y’s”, “MICHIKO by Y’s”, “KAYO NAKAMURA by Y’s”, “Y’s Exclusive”, and “Gipsy”. (*For details, please refer to information provided separately.) This full collection lineup presents high-quality “everyday” ready-to-wear clothing through which Yohji Yamamoto’ atelier team expresses the brand’s identity.


2018/3/9/Fri〈 PRESS NEWS 〉
Y's KANAZAWA DAIWA KOHRINBO Grand Opening - 15/3/2018 Y's DAIWA KOHRINBO 3F 1-1 KOHRINBO KANAZAWA City ISHIKAWA Phone: 076-206-8456

YOHJI YAMAMOTO/Y's Limited Shop - 大丸札幌店

2017/11/2/Thu〈 INFORMATION DESK 〉
YOHJI YAMAMOTO/Y's Limited Shop - DAIMARU Sapporo Date: 2017/11/3 Fri - 11/7 Tue Venue: DAIMARU Sapporo 1F Special Event Space DAIMARU Sapporo 4-7, Kita-5-jonishi, Chuo-ku, Sapporo-shi