Autumn Winter 2018-19 Collection

2018/7/11/Wed〈 INFORMATION DESK 〉
Y's Autumn Winter 2018-19 Collection - MAKE CLOTHING Clothing created through “garment-making” as it should be. The power that lies in “clothing” made by “people”. Showing respect for the handwork that underpins manufacturing, making these “clothes” that “people” wear. Garment-making requires the efforts of many people. The vigor, power, and energy involved in time-consuming handwork. Clothing manifesting these qualities exude a sense of value, and so garment-making means creating clothing for people to wear that is imbued with a noticeable sensitivity and this sense of value. Body-hugging pattern making, such as in tailored or haute-couture designs, expresses these sensibilities even more conspicuously. As if tracing the path of handiwork, stitching follows basting positions, yarn woven into the cloth. Powerful silhouettes conveying purpose. Red and khaki exude a sense of strength, decolorized hues radiating the warmth of long-worn clothing. Fabrics featuring needle punching and jacquard weaving, techniques requiring time and effort. Treasuring handwork and, even more, the garment-making process became elements of design for this collection. LOOK