Y's PRE-FALL 2024

Y's PRE-FALL 2024

The fusion of classic street culture elements with innovative expression that challenges traditional norms is seamlessly integrated into the silhouette of Y's. This collection is crafted in a palette of black, red, khaki, and distressed hues, embodying an edgy yet sophisticated aesthetic.   

The print pattern is reminiscent of the street walls of London in the 1970s. A long turtleneck zip sweater is designed to conceal the mouth and chin.

The garments are crafted with an effortless touch, encapsulating the atmosphere of the urban living and embodying a keen sensibility, offering strength and flexibility.


The latest 2024 Pre-Fall Collection will be available at stores in Japan and official online boutique from Friday, June 14th, 2024.


This hooded coat is inspired by the anorak parka and comes in a striking red color. It can be worn as a jacket or on its own like a dress.

The wide collar jacket and pleated wrap skirt are crafted from cotton chambray, a material that gives the fabric a unique look by using threads from the same color group with varying shades, rather than threads of distinctly different colors.

The long wool flannel jacket and pants are crafted from wool flannel with graffiti-like patterns reminiscent of the street walls of 1970s London. Combining a modest atmosphere with a sense of sophistication created by the print design and the silhouette, the proportions of the white shirt, and the upturned collar create a modern and sophisticated look.

A striking red half sleeve dolman shirt and an asymmetrical suspender dress made from graffiti-patterned wool flannel.

A striking red strap dress.

A tailored jacket and asymmetrical flared pants made from thin, soft fabric.

A dress made from graffiti-patterned wool flannel.

A long turtleneck zip sweater that covers the mouth and chin, and graffiti-patterned pants peeking out from the bottom.