From 9 June to 17 July, a pop-up store for WILDSIDE YOHJI YAMAMOTO will be held at the Hillsbox exhibiton space on the 2nd floor of the Roppongi Hills Hillside shopping centre.

The pop-up store will feature three brands from Yohji Yamamoto: WILDSIDE YOHJI YAMAMOTO, S'YTE and Y's for men. Each brand will be showcased on different dates.

WILDSIDE YOHJI YAMAMOTO (Friday 9 June - Thursday 22 June)
Launched last year, WILDSIDE YOHJI YAMAMOTO will offer a selection of the brand's own designs, in addition to pieces created in collaboration with Japanese brands. Furthermore, two T-shirts designed in collaboration with HYSTERIC CLAMOUR, and a button-up shirt made with NOMA t.d. will also be on sale. These were created specifically to celebrate the launch of the pop-up store.

HYSTERIC GLAMOUR: HYSTERIC GLAMOUR creates fine collections brimming with originality, meticulously blending the vibrant essence of 1960s-80s pop culture with the laid-back charm of casual American style. Drawing inspiration from the realms of rock music, art, pornography, and mass-produced goods, HYSTERIC GLAMOUR skillfully channels these influences into sophisticated silhouettes.

Two T-shirts have been created in what is now the brand's third collaboration with WILDSIDE. The first depicts the brand's iconic HYSTERIC WOMAN holding a Flying V electric guitar. This is combined with Yohji Yamamoto's peoony motif to create a design infused with a seductive heavy metal influence. The second T-shirt features a graphic inspired by 1970s American motel signs.

“FLYING V” Tシャツ 19,800円(税込)

“WILDSIDE MOTEL” T-shirt ¥17,600 (tax included)

NOMA td: Launched in 2005 by Masako Noguchi and Takuma Sasaki, NOMA t.d. is known for its collections that seamlessly blend contemporary aesthetics with the rich heritage of unique textiles. With a keen focus on hand-drawn motifs and traditional techniques discovered by Noguchi and Sasaki both in Japan and around the world, the brand consistently brings fresh perspectives to its designs.

Based on NOMA t.d.'s signature open-neck shirt, this unique shirt is a patchwork of NOMA t.d.'s hand-dyed fabric and a polka dot fabric from Yohji Yamamoto POUR HOMME' archives. In total, five different fabrics - including a tie-dye pattern dyed in swirls and dots of different sizes - are daringly arranged to create this special item.

パッチワークシャツ 57,200円(税込)


The interior of the popup store was created under the direction of TRIPSTER inc., who also designed the interior of WILDSIDE YOHJI YAMAMOTO OSAKA. Moreover, visitors will have the opportunity to admire and explore the WILDSIDE YOHJI YAMAMOTO collaboration skateboards, some of which are also available for purchase. For further details, we kindly advise reaching out to the store staff.
Additionally, a dedicated space will be used to display video content, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in the captivating world of WILDSIDE YOHJI YAMAMOTO.


S'YTE (Friday 23 June - Thursday 6 July)
S'YTE's offerings will focus on printed graphic T-shirts and best-selling T-shirts from the brand. In addition, a sukajan (Japanese souvineer style jacket) embroidered with black penoies on the front and a colorful parrot motif on the back will be on sale. An overshirt embroidred with a dragon on both sleeves, geese on the left and right sides of the chest, and a moonbeam flower on the back will also be available. This shirt was created specifically for the Roppongi pop-up store.

刺繍スカジャン 74,800円(税込)


カバーオールジャケット 66,000円(税込)


グラフィックプリントTシャツ/ベストコレクションTシャツ 各7,480円(税込)


In addition, new pieces such as a a biker jacket featuring multiple zippers and chains, and a coat made from a mottled dyed fabric will be available. As S'YTE is normally an online-only brand, this is a rare opportunity to see the entire SS23 collection in-person.


Y's for men (Friday 7 July - Monday 17 July)
For the final phase of the pop-up store, we are delighted to present an exclusive selection of pieces from Y's for men, the newest addition to Yohji Yamamoto's brand lineup.

The Y's for men Autumn/Winter 2023-24 Collection encapsulates the essence of Yohji Yamamoto's creative vision and design philosophy. This remarkable collection harmoniously blends meticulous tailoring, distinctive silhouettes, and premium materials. By seamlessly merging timeless elements with contemporary styles, a range of effortlessly refined and distinctive pieces is born, exemplifying simplicity, sophistication, and individuality.



▼Customers who puchase pieces from WILDSIDE will be given a novelty sticker.
▼Customers who purchase pieces from S'YTE will receive a tote bag printed with variations of the S'YTE logo.
Please note these complimentary gifts will be distributed on a first-come, first-served basis.

Customers who make purchases of Y's for men worth 25,000 yen (including tax) or more will receive a photo book photographed in Paris by resident Yohji Yamamoto photographer, Takay.
*Please note that will be offered on a first-come, first-served basis.


Dates: 9 June - 17 July
→ WILDSIDE YOHJI YAMAMOTO: Friday 9 June - Thursday 22 June
→ S'YTE: Friday 23 June - Thursday 6 July
→ Y's for men: Friday 7 July - Monday 17 July
Location: Roppongi Hills Hillsside, 2nd Floor (Hills Box exhibiton space)
Address: Tokyo-to, Minato-ku, Roppongi 6-10-1
Opening hours: 11:00 - 20:00 (Saturdays, Sundays, and days before national holidays: 11:00 - 21:00)