Y's (ワイズ) × ALCANTARA (アルカンターラ)

Y's Collaboration Event with Alcantara

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Y’s x Alcantara® 2014-15AW Fashion Show



A/W 2014-15 collection of Y’s bears the theme: Elegant Military. Inspiration springs from Napoleon’s epoch (late 1700’s to early 1800’s), which military uniforms and iconic styles are simple, functional, and sensitive.
Military jackets, duffel coats, khaki pants, Napoleon shirts. The iconic items of this season are finished off in a minimal cut with edgy detail. Armbands, side stripes, metallic buttons are combined with metallic emboss and multi-material cross-overs to form a luxurious style of delicate refinement.
Military items are matched with skirts, pants, and coats in gentle material of jacquard, or adorned in lace and embroidery, to create a mixed look of the rugged and the refined, just as Y's.
This is the collection which embodies strength and class.

Y’s x Alcantara®


As a part of its A/W 2014-15 collection, Y’s presents a collection of outfits made in collaboration with Alcantara®, the Italian company producing the material under the same name. Alcantara® materials are used to create an exclusive selection of garments and accessories that perfectly fit inside Y's A/W collection.