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Yohji Yamamoto

Photo Art Book
YOHJI YAMAMOTO Autumn Winter 2018-19

2018/9/1/Sat. 〈 INFORMATION DESK 〉

A photo art book collection of photographic artworks captured under the direction of YOHJI YAMAMOTO

These photographic artworks of the YOHJI YAMAMOTO Autumn Winter 2018-19 Collection—which was designed under the theme “Hommage 1. M. Cubisme 2. Mon cher Azedine”—were captured under the direction of YOHJI YAMAMOTO himself. Collection pieces (clothing) have been replaced with the medium of “photographs” and the photographic artworks compiled into a large-sized photo art book.

The original photographs were all shot on analog film, the structure of both the photo collection overall and each individual work infused with YAMAMOTO’s creativity, with production of the photobook itself being approached and expressed as if creating a piece of clothing.

The photo art book includes photographs that show only parts of the original shots that have been bold cut out, theses layers of images giving form to the artwork collection.

Leaving a lasting impression, the arrangement of the monochrome photographs on the book’s black cloth cover is another of YAMAMOTO’s personal touches.