2019/12/26/Thu〈 INFORMATION DESK 〉
The No Future Jacket was worn by Yohji Yamamoto when he appeared to greet attendees at the end of the Yohji Yamamoto Femme SS20 Paris Collection show. Printed on the back with “NO FUTURE” combined with Yamamoto’s signature, this jacket has the same silhouette as Yamamoto’s own favorite jacket, nicknamed “Dr. JACKET.” Made from wool gabardine—a fabric that is synonymous with the Yohji Yamamoto brand—the jacket can be worn as a unisex item. The words “NO FUTURE” are intended as an alarm bell warning against end-of-the-world-heralding phenomena of natural disasters caused by global-scale weather changes that are growing increasingly more serious throughout the world. No Future holds the stark warning that we have no future, but it also includes a message from Yamamoto that we must not be passive but rather actively create our own future with our own hands amidst such unstable social conditions.


2019/12/11/Wed〈 INFORMATION DESK 〉
“B” is the new Yohji Yamamoto line launched in the AW 2016–2017 Collection. The initial “B” connotes the various words black, big, and B-side. This line presents a simple, relaxed silhouette for a unisex wardrobe. B YOHJI YAMAMOTO SS20 COLLECTION The sight of these people living with such strength amid difficult circumstances is powerful yet ephemeral. Without losing the sparkle in the eyes, they gaze on the essence of things. Even when their clothing is ragged and patched, they prove that the beauty in wearing the same items all the time does not fade in any environment.

Yohji Yamamotoxadidas Collaboration
YY Exclusive Series

2019/12/9/Mon〈 PRESS NEWS 〉
From the YY Exclusive Series created through the design collaboration of Yohji Yamamoto and Adidas, two new colors—khaki x red and light blue x red GA—for the Beckenbauer track top are being launched. Each Beckenbauer track top has a serial number, and only a limited number are being sold. The signature Yohji Yamamoto logo is embroidered on the front. This item is also available in black.


2019/12/9/Mon〈 PRESS NEWS 〉
From the Yohji Yamamoto Homme Replica Series, the Autumn-Winter 2004–2005 Replica Capsule Collection is going on sale in Japan. Members of Britain’s representative ska band Madness appeared as models in the Yohji Yamamoto Homme Autumn-Winter 2004–2005 Paris Collection. From the items presented in this show, which expressed the relationship between music and fashion, we revived the wool gabardine jacket with a zipper and pants, a shirt and broad necktie with stadium jumper-style embroidery, and from the Yohji Yamamoto x Dr. Martens collaboration, 10-hole and 14-hole boots. The embroidery and zipper details, the jacket and pants silhouette, and the sense of volume—all of these features from the original collection have been faithfully recreated. Even the brand’s woven name tag has been replicated and features the classic signature logo from those days. Items from this special collection embody the universality of Yohji Yamamoto that transcends time and will be on sale in limited numbers.