2019/11/18/Mon〈 INFORMATION DESK 〉
Regulation Yohji Yamamoto Spring Summer 2020 Collection This collection incorporates tough workwear elements. Items, such as hooded coats, blousons, and jean jackets using crisp denim-linen and polyester materials, feature contrastingly feminine gathers, silhouettes, and other details, creating Regulation’s Work Wear that is not too hard, not too soft, just delicately balanced.


2019/11/13/Wed〈 INFORMATION DESK 〉
Now in its third season, the latest Collaboration Collection will go on sale on Friday, November 22, at all Y's shops in Japan, as well as the Y's online boutique. Despite the collaborators' different creative backgrounds and outputs, in Y's Pink and Tenbox, the sensation of capturing the explosive force of the moment intimately combines with speed. With designs themed on street culture chosen on a whim, not being trapped into the frameworks, the Autumn-Winter 2019–2020 Collaboration presents unisex items in its third season, which were designed on the theme of the Tenderloin District in San Francisco, California, and can be totally coordinated from outerwear to shoes. Because the items are worn over numerous years, their appearance will develop to express the actual number of years they have been worn, in addition to the worn look incorporated into the design itself to create unique clothing with a casual street sense and a flavor that reflects each individual story. This collection sees first-time collaborations on buckle belts with original crown motifs and Velcro-fastener sneakers that catch the eye with their fluorescent pink and yellow colors. Specially made nametags exuding a 1980s atmosphere appear on the blousons, hoodies, and even shoes. From outerwear to innerwear, bottoms, belts for adjusting the bottoms, and shoes, the all-unisex collection comprises items that allow total coordination. Photo images feature NENE and Ryugo Ishida, members of the hip-hop Yurufuwa Gang, who welcome and express the world view of this distinctive collaboration. SHOP ONLINE