2018/6/14/Thu〈 INFORMATION DESK 〉
Y's PRE-FALL 2018 COLLECTION Now available in store Y's PRE-FALL 2018 Modernity and Craft Pre-Fall 2018 Collection features craftwork based on modern and minimal pieces. A practical Japanese embroidery “Sashiko” and repetitive patterns of hemp leaves. Handcraft provides warm texture to clothes while anonymity and utility of the repetitive patterns present cool modernity. The traditional needlework “Sashiko” which makes fabric strong and retains heat by layering cotton has been applied to functional modern fabric. Strong and tough materials achieved by combination of craft and modernity.Dynamism of “folk art”, a technique came out of everyday life, such as sewing and dyeing. The Collection is internally modern but practical. It has a warm expression with a combination of toughness and patterns which fits body gently. Y’s PINK PRE-FALL 2018 Composing contemporary shapes with traditional fabric with gorgeous patterns. Glorious artistic textile established by an ancient fabric metamorphoses into hybrid and modern. LOOK