DFA Lifetime Achievement Award 2017 - Yohji Yamamoto

2017/12/8/Fri〈 PRESS NEWS 〉
We are pleased to announce that our designer Yohji Yamamoto have received the DFA Lifetime Achievement Award. DFA Lifetime Achievement Award (DFA LAA) The Award recognises an individual who has made life-long contributions to the design profession, with visionary shaping designs across a variety of fields, and who uses design to educate and promote wider use of design in society. DFA Lifetime Achievement Award 2017 Yohji Yamamoto From DFA Awards For 45 years, YAMAMOTO has been working in the fashion industry. Renowned for his avant-garde style, his unique designs have graced international runways since his debut in Tokyo in 1977. He presented his first collection in Paris in 1981. In 2002, he was appointed as the creative director for Y-3. YAMAMOTO’s dedication to the fashion industry has been recognised the world over, and awarded lots of honours including the Commander of the Order of Arts and Letters, the highest honour in arts and culture in France. From Yohji Yamamoto 'This time, it was a big surprise for me. And of course, I felt very much honorable to be one of the creators. For a long time, since I started showing collections in Paris, fashion used to be treated as the lowest level of every kind of art. France was the only country which took very serious care of fashion. Then I received the honorable prize, Commandeur. And this time, I’m here to receive such an honor in most progressed city in Asia. That makes me feel very strong. That makes me feel that I can continue working on until I fordone. Ladies and gentlemen, now it’s time from Asia, by Asia, for Asia. We are going to create very special influence to the World. With you, together. Thank you very much'