Ground Y Webpage Open

2014/8/28/Thu〈 PRESS NEWS 〉
Special webpage featuring our new concept store Ground Y is now open. Please visit our website and enjoy the excitement of Ground Y.

Yohji Yamamoto and adidas to design Real Madrid on-field jerseys for UEFA Champions League 2014

2014/8/27/Wed〈 PRESS NEWS 〉
Couture master and design revolutionary Yohji Yamamoto brings his signature aesthetic to a new adidas collaboration that embodies the spirit of the world’s greatest football team, Real Madrid. In an exclusive product series, Yamamoto distills the essence of battle and victory to create a unique garment for Real Madrid´s players. The resulting soccer jerseys will also be available for purchase at select adidas, Y-3, Yohji Yamamoto, and Real Madrid stores. In thinking about Real Madrid’s legacy, Yamamoto envisioned a heroic story of the contemporary football players as modern-day heroes, achieving mythical status through continued victory. With this artistic vision in mind, Yamamoto created a visual motif in his signature style. He produced an original canvas painting depicting a fabled creature both dragon and bird. The beast symbolizes the dragon’s strength, determination, and power and the bird’s speed, agility, and cunning—all qualities demonstrated by Real Madrid’s star players. This limited edition uniform will be available to consumers in limited, numbered quantities of 1400. It is available at Yohji Yamamoto Aoyama Main Store starting September 19, 2014.

Ground Y
Ground Y Factory Shooting

2014/8/20/Wed〈 PRESS NEWS 〉
Shooting of Ground Y Factory will take place in Tokyo, at the end of August. For details, please refer to the Japanese website. Thank you. Leslie Kee will share updates on this project through SNS:

Ground Y
Ground Y Factory 100 Shots of the Young Generation

2014/8/15/Fri〈 PRESS NEWS 〉
The image visual for the launch of Ground Y will be 100 shots of the young generation photographed by Leslie Kee. Photographer Leslie Kee joins the enthusiasm of Ground Y, the new experimental concept store. Leslie Kee starts up a new project “Ground Y Factory” to share his fascination for the creations and visions of designer Yohji Yamamoto, whom he has always held in high regards, through his photography. Leslie Kee will share updates on this project through SNS:

Ground Y
Opening September 5, 2014 on 1st Floor of Shibuya PARCO Part-1

2014/8/15/Fri〈 PRESS NEWS 〉
Ground Y, a whole new type of concept store by Yohji Yamamoto Inc., opens its 1st store on 1st floor of Shibuya PARCO Part-1 on Friday, September 5, 2014. It is an uni-sex concept store meant for everybody enjoying Shibuya and the disctinct mood of the city. Shop Information Shop Name: Ground Y Date of Opening: Friday, September 5, 2014 Place: Shibuya PARCO Part-1 1F Brands Ground Y (New Brand) Yohji JEANS (New Brand) by Y's Y's Pink Label GOTHIC YOHJI YAMAMOTO