2014/10/22/Wed〈 PRESS NEWS 〉
Limited shop of Yohji Yamamoto and Yohji Yamamoto +NOIR is open at ISETAN SHINJUKU 4F STAGE#4 beginning October 22, 2014. This limited shop, open during ISETAN JAPAN SENSES promotion, will introduce garments in traditional material and patterns realized in high quality techniques of Japan. Each piece expresses refined elegance of beauty. From Yohji Yamamoto, tops and dresses are available in tweed material with denim thread woven within. This denim mixed tweed, from Iwate, is firm, solid, and soft at the same time, which is infused beautifully into each item with the cut of Yohji Yamamoto. From Yohji Yamamoto +NOIR, items in flower print are available. The fabric printed in traditional techniques used for kimono, based on handcraft of Kyoto, realizes exceptional color in depth and a distinct gradation of color. Store: ISETAN SHINJUKU 4F STAGE#4 Date: October 22 through 28, 2014

Latest Collaboration “Ground Y x ULTRAMAN Series”
In Stores Starting Friday, October 24th at Ground Y

2014/10/20/Mon〈 PRESS NEWS 〉
A new collabration “Ground Y x ULTRAMAN Series” will be out in stores starting October 24, 2014 at Ground Y. Since the start of the brand in 1972, Yohji Yamamoto continues to revolutionize the runway with its timeless garments, based on a rebellious spirit. Tsuburaya Productions Co., LTD, famous for the creation of Ultraman, has brought to life various super heroes and monsters, much adored by fans of all ages, beginning in 1963. This is the second collaboration between the two, first of which were presented as a part of 2004 A/W Yohji Yamamoto Homme collection. Ground Y infuses its theme “To Wear Unisex Clothing” with popular characters including Ultraman and monsters, introducing special T-shirts, sweaters, and tote-bags. Statues and figures of Ultraman and monsters will join Ground Y at Shibuya PARCO Part-1 to celebrate the launch of the collaborated items. Item Information: T-shirts 15 items at \19,000~¥55,000 Sweaters  1 item at ¥48,000 Tote Bags 2 items at ¥11,000 Store Information: Store Name: Ground Y Address: Shibuya PARCO Part-1 1F 15-1 Udagawa-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, 150-8377 Official facebook: Ground Y Official

Tailored Suits and Shirts Introducing “Doutai Saidan+Doutai Housei®” Technology

2014/10/10/Fri〈 PRESS NEWS 〉
YOHJI YAMAMOTO introduces a new series, pursuing Made In Japan, from its tailored line YOHJI YAMAMOTO COSTUME D'HOMME. This series is a collaboration with the brand INDUSTYLE TOKYO, by Japan's distinguished factory Maruwa Textiles Co., LTD., introducing its technology “Doutai Saidan+Doutai Housei®” for the first time into the construction of tailored suits. “Doutai Saidan®” is a technique of cutting, proposed by Masaru NAKAZAWA, elaborated from his research of the human body and skin. This technology is well-known for its contribution in uniforms for players in the Olympic Games as well as those of Japanese astronauts to wear inside spacecrafts. The cutting enables stress-free movement and an ultimate fit for the wearer. “Doutai Housei®” is a sewing technology of Maruwa Textiles Co., LTD., bringing life to beautiful garments from complicated patterns of “Doutai Saidan®.” The two techniques are now infused with the signature silhouette and the elegance of YOHJI YAMAMOTO COSTUME D'HOMME. 2 jackets in wool jersey and 2 shirts in smooth material are now available in stores. YOHJI YAMAMOTO COSTUME D'HOMME “Doutai Saidan+Doutai Housei®” Series Date: October 10, 2014 Stores: YOHJI YAMAMOTO HOMME Stores Nationwide

ISETAN SHINJUKU Limited Shop Information

2014/10/10/Fri〈 PRESS NEWS 〉
Yohji Yamamoto/Yohji Yamamoto +NOIR LIMITED SHOP Store: SHINJUKU ISETAN Date: October 22 through 28, 2014 Place: 4F STAGE#4 We look forward to your visit.

discord DAIMARU UMEDA Limited Shop Information

2014/10/10/Fri〈 PRESS NEWS 〉
discord LIMITED SHOP Store: DAIMARU UMEDA Store Date: October 15 through 28, 2014 Place: 3F Event Space We look forward to your visit.

JR KYOTO ISETAN Limited Shop Information

2014/10/10/Fri〈 PRESS NEWS 〉
Yohji Yamamoto/Yohji Yamamoto +NOIR discord LIMITED SHOP Store: JR KYOTO ISETAN  Date: October 15 through 28, 2014 Place: 3F Event Space We look forward to your visit.

ISETAN SHINJUKU Limited Shop Information

2014/10/10/Fri〈 PRESS NEWS 〉
Yohji Yamamoto pour Homme LIMITED SHOP Store: ISETAN SHINJUKU Store Date: October 15 through 21, 2014 Place: Men's Building 2F Promotion Space We look forward to your visit.

YOHJI YAMAMOTO×Yasuto SASADA Collaboration
Yohji Yamamoto DAIMARU KOBE starting October 11, 2014

2014/10/2/Thu〈 PRESS NEWS 〉
Yohji Yamamoto DAIMARU KOBE will hold an art fair entitled “YOHJI YAMAMOTOxYasuto SASADA Collaboration FASHION IS ALWAYS ART IN KOBE” from October 11 through 26, 2014. From our A/W 2014-15 collection, collaboration pieces handpainted by the young and energetic artist Yasuto SASADA were highly praised of its delicate yet powerful intensity. During this art fair, special collaboration products are available exclusively at Yohji Yamamoto DAIMARU KOBE, along with exhibition of artworks by Yasuto SASADA. To mark the beginning of this art fair, a live paiting event will be held on October 11. YOHJI YAMAMOTOxYasuto SASADA “FASHION IS ALWAYS ART IN KOBE” Date: October 11 through 26, 2014 Hours: 11:00-20:00 Place: Yohji Yamamoto DAIMARU KOBE Yasuto SASADA Live Painting Event Date: October 11, 2014 Time: 14:00-19:00 We look forward to your visit.