Launch of New Line Jaunuary 2, 2015

2014/12/27/Sat〈 PRESS NEWS 〉
A new line “plyy by RAGNE KIKAS” will be launched on January 2, 2015. “ply” signifies action such as “to use” and “to work.” It is the short form of the word “apply,” emerging from the latin word “plicare(=to lay, to fold, to twist).” The word “ply” indicates the volume of yarn in knitting terminology. The new line plyy by RAGNE KIKAS introduces knitwear actualized by playful, experimental research (draping, twisting, layering) and technical sophistication allowing the idea to take form through the mathematical language of knitting. plyy by RAGNE KIKAS aims at creating “wearable” knitwear in distinctive combination of color with unique detail. The first collection is realized in 4 kinds of yarn in cotton, cotton blended cashmere, and cotton blended viscose, knitted into items rich in expression.

discord 2015 Spring & Summer Collection
Pre-Launch at Isetan Shinjuku

2014/12/25/Thu〈 PRESS NEWS 〉
The luxury accessory brand “discord,” first introduced in Spring 2014, will launch its second collection of 2015 Spring & Summer. This collection will be pre-launched at Isetan Shinjuku on December 26, 2014. In this 2015 Spring & Summer Collection, shapes and forms were brought into focus, following the brand's underlying theme: the beauty of imperfection. Lines and curves, symmetry and asymmetry. Material to embody design. Each element of shapes and forms were taken apart and then reconstructed into each item from a new perspective. The elegance of these items are actualized upon posession of the wearer, unifying with the form of the human body. The collection, focused on its form, is presented in monotone. Pre-launch Information Store: Isetan Shinjuku 1F Date: Beginning December 26, 2014

2015 Eyewear Collection

2014/12/19/Fri〈 PRESS NEWS 〉
YOHJI YAMAMOTO Eyewear is newly launched from Yohji Yamamoto Inc. The inspiration of Yohji Yamamoto 2015 eyewear collection comes from Yohji's design style of integration of nature, asymmetry, material combination, and the blending of tradition and modern. The collection introduces the variations of classical boston shapes and square shapes realized in different allure of polish and mat. Contrasting texture of metal and plastic are infused into a single pair of frames, while Yohji Yamamoto signature is found on the temple ends. Found in stores beginning December 20, 2014. Available at Yohji Yamamoto Aoyama Boutique and other eyewear boutiques nationwide. Price: Optical \38,000 (excluding tax) Sunglasses \45,000 (excluding tax)


2014/12/12/Fri〈 PRESS NEWS 〉
S'YTE WEB SITE Image Visual Renewal S'YTE WEB SITE welcomes customers with new image visuals of the season. We look forward to your visit. S'YTE WEB SITE Holiday Campaign S'YTE WEB SITE offers customers free shipping from December 12 through 26, 2014. Please refer to S'YTE WEB SITE for further information. *Delivery of S'YTE WEB SITE is available only to destinations within Japan. We appreciate your understanding.

Ground YxULTRAMAN Now Available on s'yte

2014/12/5/Fri〈 PRESS NEWS 〉
Ground YxULTRAMAN Ground Y (Shibuya PARCO Part-1) infuses its theme “To Wear Unisex Clothing” with popular characters from Ultraman, one of the most beloved characters of japanese film. A selection of this series is now available on s'yte. We look forward to your visit. *Delivery of s'yte is available only to destination within Japan. We appreciate your understanding.


2014/12/5/Fri〈 PRESS NEWS 〉
REGULATION Yohji Yamamoto, which launched its first collection in 2013S/S, plays with the theme of uniform, in order to deliver “clothes with discipline.” This 2015SS collection proposes “Resort Casual.” This collection brings a masculine style of military coats in light, delicate lace fabric with a relaxing mood. Available in all Yohji Yamamoto stores nationwide beginning December 10, 2014.

IWATAYA Limited Shop Information

2014/12/5/Fri〈 PRESS NEWS 〉
Yohji Yamamoto pour Homme Store: IWATAYA Date: December 10 through 25, 2014 Place: IWATAYA Main Building 5F Men's Promotion Space Time: 10:00-20:00 *December 19 through 24 10:00-21:00 We look forward to your visit.

New Book Information

2014/11/14/Fri〈 PRESS NEWS 〉
After Talking to Myself by Yohji Yamamoto (philosophical reflections between Kiyokazu Washida and Yohji Yamamoto), My Dear Bomb (a new way of autobiography that combines novel, documentary and technical elements of the construction of a garment), Rizzoli NY publishes in November 2014, a book on the entire career of Yohji Yamamoto entitled: Yamamoto & Yohji. After a white book, followed by a black book, Yamamoto & Yohji is clothed in red. Yamamoto & Yohji reveals many of Yohji Yamamoto’s artistic participations in cinema, theater, opera, dance, etc., and his unique way of communicating through the power of his shows, his strong graphic identity and his multiple monographic exhibitions in Florence, Paris, Antwerp, London and Holon. The question of architecture itself is also discussed in an interview with Jean Nouvel throughout the book. Yamamoto & Yohji shows the unique voice that Yohji Yamamoto was and still is in fashion and in culture. Price:12,800JPY (tax excluded) Pages: 449 Size:33x25x4.5cm Available at Yohji Yamamoto Aoyama Boutique, Ground Y, s'yte Website, and bookstores nationwide beginning November 10, 2014. Also available at PARIS CAMBON, PARIS LOUVRE, LONDON CONDUIT BOUTIQUES.

discord FUKUOKA IWATAYA Limited Shop Information

2014/11/12/Wed〈 PRESS NEWS 〉
discord LIMITED SHOP Store: FUKUOKA IWATAYA Date: November 12 through 18, 2014 Place: Honkan 1F Event Space We look forward to your visit.

YOHJI YAMAMOTO 2014 Autumn & Winter Collection
YOHJI YAMAMOTO × New Era® New Model Information

2014/11/12/Wed〈 PRESS NEWS 〉
Newest model from 2014AW collection of the collaboration between New Era will be launched November 21, 2014. This 2014AW collection introduces Yohji Yamamoto's monogram motif into the New Era's signature 59FIFTY® model, along with 59FIFTY®/Dog Ear, with its two dog ear flaps on the side in boa material which reveals Yohji Yamamoto logo when when pulled down for style as well for warmth. The collaboration items also include a unique backpack based on New Era's DAYPACK, with all elements realised in black color. These items are found in Yohji Yamamoto boutiques nationwide, as well as New Era Tokyo and New Era Osaka. 59FIFTY® YOHJI YAMAMOTO Silver monogram motif on navy. ¥15,000 (tax excluded) 59FIFTY® YOHJI YAMAMOTO Black monogram motif on black. ¥15,000 (tax excluded) DAY PACK YOHJI YAMAMOTO New Era DAY PACK realised in soley black elements. A CAP CLIP is built-in. ¥20,000 (tax excluded) 59FIFTY®/Dog Ear YOHJI YAMAMOTO A dog ear cap with logo on the rear. ¥16,000 (tax excluded)